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Bad (Good?) News

2017-03-29 17:58:35 by No-Stereo

So the indie studio I was asked to join failed after a while. The manager of the studio wasn't really able to handle it I guess and the original programmer who brought his game to us pulled the project.

It kinda sucks, but... He asked me if I could continue doing the music. I said yes and the project is still on for me! Being a hard worker pays off once again. At the same time, a friend and I teamed up to make another game. We are going to get all the engine tweaking and mechanics fully fleshed out and make a first level with *playable demo* content and bring that to kickstarter to help us complete the story. I don't think anybody has ever made a free demo for use on kickstarter yet as that involves doing most of the work before getting funding. Work is going to be slow because we both have full time jobs, but if we get funding we can hopefully take some vacations and get that game banged out in no time!

Updates to come :)


If you want to listen to a early version of a sound space in the game check out the extremely long demo track below.

I greatly appreciate any comments that come in, even if they are just to say I did/n't enjoy it. It can help me guage at the very least what people are thinking! If you *can* come up with some criticism that's even better!


If you don't want to listen and wait for certain moments in the demo, I have a list of timestamps in the description so you can jump to key transition periods.

Music Director

2017-02-05 20:04:07 by No-Stereo

Hey all, I just started working on the groundfloor in a new indie gaming studio, Golden Bear Studios.

We are working on an awesome game and I can't wait till it's realeased. Listen to a teaser theme song on my soundcloud page here:


Hope you like Synthwave :)

Back on Newgrounds

2017-01-21 23:57:41 by No-Stereo

I've been gone for a while and I think I made a mistake by moving from Newgrounds. I thought I would succeed by moving onto different platforms but tonight I've realized that I just reach more people here. At the end of the day seeing those views and downloads are what really make me happy. So I'm back and ready to make more music for everyone on this awesome site, where I made my first "debut."


So, Hi!

New Name

2014-08-03 19:50:48 by No-Stereo

Hello peoples,


I'm moving on a bit, and have decided to rebrand myself because I think Praetor22 is going to hold me back in the long term. I mean, would you rather tell a friend you listen to an artist called Praetor22 or NoStereo?

It sounds cooler, and rolls off the tongue easier. Plus it actually means something as opposed to being some random latin and my favorite number.

With the name change I am going to try harder to produce content more regularly, but not at the cost of the quality I have come to expect from myself. The remix is going to be done very soon, I'm just waiting for some new art to finish. In fact it will probably come out tonight or tomorrow hopefully.


2014-07-20 20:35:43 by No-Stereo

I'm hoping I make it into the competition. This will be the first time I've been in if I do. Sounds really exciting.


For my music news. I'm currently working on a remix of Dinosaur by RobOmb.


It should hopefully be done in a few days, and I can let it fly away into the world.

Hidden Armada

2014-03-08 07:01:55 by No-Stereo

Just posted up 4 mastered songs I produced for the game Hidden Armada during the 48 Hour Global Game Jam. "It's a-boot damn time" I hear some of you saying, and you are right, It IS damn time! :D

If you want to know more about our game you can go here:

We had so much fun making this game and it was so well received we have begun work on a full fledged release.

Let me know what you think by dropping some comments in the word space. I hope you all enjoy them!

I'm Alive!

2013-07-26 11:11:11 by No-Stereo

Sorry I haven't been active lately. It's been 100% confirmed I will be doing music/sounds for a game and I've been working hard getting myself prepared. I've made a bunch of really nice tracks that I don't think I will be posting here unfortunately, as they are concepts for the game.

However I will be making some music just to post up on here!

The first is a short loop I threw together yesterday for fun. I think it sounds good and I'm feeling a bit guilty about not posting here too often. But anyways, I'm alive and wanted to give an update! I'll be posting that loop today (I will also make it into a full length song I think) and am debating whether to post several other full length songs I made...

Exciting update!

2013-06-30 12:24:26 by No-Stereo

In an earlier post I said I had the chance of working on making VGM and now that day has come!

I'm working with a new dev team to make some music and sound effects for their video game straight out of college. If all goes well I've been told I could be hired! My dreams are getting so close to being fulfilled! Which is a crazy thing to finally be realizing.

Well, wish me luck everyone!

Don't worry peeps

2013-06-19 12:04:08 by No-Stereo

I be livin'

I just posted up a new song for everybody today so you can check that out. I just wanted to let anybody know if they wanted to support me, I have a Tumblr page, a Soundcloud, and I have a new Facebook set up for you all. I regularly post on my Tumblr and that gets automatically put on the facebook as well. If you enjoy my music or just want to help an artist out it would be really awesome if you could follow me, pop out a subscribe, or give me a like so I can get myself out there a little more.

If you don't want to do any of those things. Don't worry, I still go on here from time to time and I'll post occasionally like I am now. Anybody that wants regular blogs and updates and all that good shit should head on over to my tumblr. If music is all you want from me, my soundcloud gets love too.

Thanks for readin' and party on!


2013-05-05 16:33:08 by No-Stereo

Today I am a monkey tapping on a honkey tonk. But I plan someday on being a master pianist, and also be fluent with other instruments as well. I want to be well voiced in song. I want my music to speak volumes, and evoke emotions.

I want to be able to sit down with an instrument and write a story as easily as I can type out words on my keyboard.

So I am practicing, I am studying music, taking lessons, making this my primary goal in life. When I am ready I will no longer be a monkey hitting random keys, I will be a master of the fabric of sound, and I will spin a tale with a few delicate touches of my fingers.

So in other words i might not be releasing too much because I am really busy learning how to improve. I will time to time decide I need to work on and release a new song, but for right now I am engrossed in practice.

But don't worry, I'm not leaving for long, and definitely not forever. But I expect any music I make past this point to be several levels higher than anything I have ever made before. And indeed, even the songs I make now are of much higher quality than the stuff I made years ago.

Have a great day everyone!