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Might as well make a post here then?

2013-02-16 02:25:30 by No-Stereo

Heyo, might as well make a post here and see if anybody actually will read it.

I'm currently working on 2 major classical pieces. One specifically for the RftL Album and another I just spontaneously began gaining progress with that I may decide to include in the same album later later. Alongside those, due to my natural ability to start things only to leave them and work on another project I have about 4 lesser projects (stuff I just haven't gotten inspiration to continue I mean.)

I'm also thinking about trying to work on a trance or dance song, but it really isn't my area of "expertise" (HA I called myself an expert when iI really am not) so it's going to be kinda rough and definitely hard. But I do want to make music like that someday so practice makes perfect right?

As for my life, life is tough for me right now. I haven't seen my girlfriend in ages, can't find a job, and well all I can do is sit at a computer all day when I'm not out applying or trying to get in touch with my gf. Might mean more music though. So I guess that is good. But I really want to make some happy music, and to me everything is quite dreary at the moment.

It sounds somewhat selfish to me, but if you do happen to be reading this, and if you enjoy what I do, It would mean the world to me if you dropped a little comment or message to me.

Anyways, I'm out. I'll probably be working on those songs until the sun rises.


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2013-02-16 09:24:16

Good luck with those songs! If you want some feedback on something later on just let me know, be happy to write a review or two.

No-Stereo responds:

Hey! I'm surprised somebody actually read my post :P

I'll send you a PM when I finish a song and post it! Thanks :)