I've been getting lazy

2013-03-07 15:08:24 by No-Stereo

Pretty much in everything I have been getting lazy. Probably from depression. I need to get a job, I need to get a car, then insurance. Not to mention I should really try and get admitted to a college around here. I really should be making more music as well but even though I have a song 99 percent done I just don't have the internal need/primal urge, or inspiration to finsh it and release it. I'll take some time tonight and see if I can get inspired and finish the song and begin work on a new one or two.

I'm doing my best to not get discouraged, but there have been a few people keeping me going. Some friends in my life and a few on the internet as well. Thanks to all of them for keeping life bearable.


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2013-03-08 03:34:50

Just do it.

Get your tunes out to the masses and let them be heard!
Music is the labour of love, not something to be hidden away! Let em out!!! :D

No-Stereo responds:

Thank you so much for this comment. :) You have no idea how much it means to me, or perhaps you do.

You've inspired my next song, and I hope you like 8-bit! I'll send you a message once I release it. :)