Don't worry peeps

2013-06-19 12:04:08 by No-Stereo

I be livin'

I just posted up a new song for everybody today so you can check that out. I just wanted to let anybody know if they wanted to support me, I have a Tumblr page, a Soundcloud, and I have a new Facebook set up for you all. I regularly post on my Tumblr and that gets automatically put on the facebook as well. If you enjoy my music or just want to help an artist out it would be really awesome if you could follow me, pop out a subscribe, or give me a like so I can get myself out there a little more.

If you don't want to do any of those things. Don't worry, I still go on here from time to time and I'll post occasionally like I am now. Anybody that wants regular blogs and updates and all that good shit should head on over to my tumblr. If music is all you want from me, my soundcloud gets love too.

Thanks for readin' and party on!


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2013-06-21 20:43:28

no problem. i did add you as a friend on soundcloud, i think. gotta check again to make sure.

No-Stereo responds:

Yep, I think ya did. xD