New Name

2014-08-03 19:50:48 by No-Stereo

Hello peoples,


I'm moving on a bit, and have decided to rebrand myself because I think Praetor22 is going to hold me back in the long term. I mean, would you rather tell a friend you listen to an artist called Praetor22 or NoStereo?

It sounds cooler, and rolls off the tongue easier. Plus it actually means something as opposed to being some random latin and my favorite number.

With the name change I am going to try harder to produce content more regularly, but not at the cost of the quality I have come to expect from myself. The remix is going to be done very soon, I'm just waiting for some new art to finish. In fact it will probably come out tonight or tomorrow hopefully.


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2014-08-03 21:12:35

But what about that spectacular icon?

No-Stereo responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I'm a fan of it too, but I guess it'll have to go.


2017-06-30 04:58:00

Ah, I thought you might've switched up your name! Good choice, even if it's a strangely anti-music kind of musical alias. :P

No-Stereo responds:

Thanks :) I like it. I tried to go for something that was catchy and fun to say. The way I think of it is I don't have a stereo system and have to make my own music, or if you don't have one you stream my music from the computer haha.


2017-06-30 13:02:12

The new age of sound! :D Makes sense.