Entry #23

Bad (Good?) News

2017-03-29 17:58:35 by No-Stereo

So the indie studio I was asked to join failed after a while. The manager of the studio wasn't really able to handle it I guess and the original programmer who brought his game to us pulled the project.

It kinda sucks, but... He asked me if I could continue doing the music. I said yes and the project is still on for me! Being a hard worker pays off once again. At the same time, a friend and I teamed up to make another game. We are going to get all the engine tweaking and mechanics fully fleshed out and make a first level with *playable demo* content and bring that to kickstarter to help us complete the story. I don't think anybody has ever made a free demo for use on kickstarter yet as that involves doing most of the work before getting funding. Work is going to be slow because we both have full time jobs, but if we get funding we can hopefully take some vacations and get that game banged out in no time!

Updates to come :)


If you want to listen to a early version of a sound space in the game check out the extremely long demo track below.


I greatly appreciate any comments that come in, even if they are just to say I did/n't enjoy it. It can help me guage at the very least what people are thinking! If you *can* come up with some criticism that's even better!


If you don't want to listen and wait for certain moments in the demo, I have a list of timestamps in the description so you can jump to key transition periods.


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